Thursday, August 6, 2020

What I'm doing now

     Like the rest of you, I'm still home, still experimenting with jewelry structures. I'm still playing with the tetrahedron structure I talked about earlier.  The piece on the right in the picture above is one I showed in my original group of these structures a few months ago.  I liked it, but felt that the central tet, which is built from an octahedron and 4 tets, didn't show up as well as it might have. So I redid it, using gold filled tubes for that center tet, and making it a bit curvier.  Actually I like them both.  I tend to think of pieces with the gold filled tubes as being a bit dressier, so there's a place for both.
     There have been a few happenings in my jewelry making life that I wanted to mention:

            My work is now available online through Contemporary Craft, in Pittsburgh.  The gallery is closed, but there's a good selection online at

            I'm really excited to have been accepted to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  The show is the first week in November, and it too will be online, and you will be able to see and buy work there. 
Another new gallery is Wearever Jewelry in Alexandria, VA.  My work is not yet on their  website, but they're open if you're in the area, and I'm sure if you contacted them you  could also buy it online.

            I'll have work in an online show Uncommon Threads on October 18.  It's run by the Fine Line Art Center in St Charles IL. You can find out more at

Finally I thought I'd just let you know that these tet structures aren't the only thing I've been doing, jewelry-wise.  Since they're mostly pretty planned and controlled, I had great fun with a necklace that's the opposite of that.  Here's that one. I'm really proud of it.

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