Saturday, September 5, 2015

Engineering a piece 2.0 (5.0?)

 One of the reasons I write a blog:
When I wrote the last entry, I thought I was through designing this piece and now I would just finish making it.  But writing the post got me thinking again, even as I was making it.  Unfortunately I had made more than half the necklace before things crystallized, and I started over.
The top picture is the same one that is in the last post.  I had achieved firmness, but at the  cost of  closing in the "donut".  Then because the top of the donut was small I had a fairly long extra oct as a link between donuts.  I had said in the post that I didn't want to make a unit have 4 octs ( one attached to each end of the stone structure and a chain of 2 joining them) because that would be lots of short tubes, and would be kind of busy.  But the structure ends up with 4 octs in each unit anyway, 3 in the donut and 1for the link in between.  I realized that if I made the 2 octs that attach to the stones angle out instead of in, I could have a more open structure without the extra link in between.  I think the version on the bottom (sorry about the blurriness; I actually did use a tripod, but I must have had the camera too close) is cleaner, simpler, and reads bigger, although it's the same number of beads.  In general, I like it much better.

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