Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Asawa inspired work

I'm still playing around with shapes that overlap/intersect one another.  I thought I'd try black(ish) and white so that you could see the intersection better.  The white beads are mother of pearl; the black are jungle jasper in the top one and black silkstone in the bottom one.  Neither is quite finished as I ran out of mother of pearl beads and I'm waiting for more.  In the top piece there's a continuous black tube that goes sometimes inside of and sometimes outside of a continuous white tube.  In the bottom there are 4 "pod" shapes with pointy ends that overlap, and tubes on each end that overlap the last pod.  An interesting project.  The design limitation is you have to arrange them so that the circles where the 2 shapes interlock have to all be 6-bead circles, because a smaller circle won't let a bead pass through the middle.  If I had beads that were slightly oval shaped, so that a bead would pass through a 5-bead circle, I'd have more flexibility.  Also, it makes for a pretty rigid structure.  I'd thought I could make a whole necklace of interlocked pods, but it just doesn't curve enough.  As it turns out, it would also be pretty heavy.

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