Monday, October 28, 2013

Oxidized copper lozenges

Since I started playing with adding small  (#11) seed beads at the ends of long bugle beads, I've started experimenting with adding them to the oxidized copper tube structures too.  This necklace is an example.  It's a sort of a remake of a necklace I made in late 2011 and posted about at the time (Doing too much, posted in December 2011).  It has quite a different look, though, done in tube beads instead of seed beads.  Much airier and lacy looking.  Also, since the "lozenges" were all the same color, except for different colored seed bead accents, I felt I couldn't mass them as closely together.  So they're spread out more on the RAW chain.  Now I think I'd like to work with more brightly colored accent beads, and see what I get. 

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