Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oxidized copper earrings

Just a quick post.  I've been getting ready for a show in Atlanta (the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park, if you're in the area).  The oxidized copper tube beads I've been working with lend themselves well to making structures for earrings, so I've just finished several new earring designs.They're all just combinations of tetrahedrons and octahedrons, but by using different length tubes you get interesting structures.  The ear wires are oxidized sterling silver.  I like to do the kind of post that needs an earring back to hold it on.  That's because the earrings are so open that I don't want an extra wire hanging down behind the ear, the way you'd have with something like a French wire.  So far they all have mirror image pieces for the other ear, but I'd like to do some where the 2 earrings are close, but not identical.


  1. Hello, fellow beadweaver and jewelry maker! I stopped by your booth at the dogwood festival and was marveling especially at your several-layered geometric beadwoven ball. I love your work!

    If you get a chance to check out mine here is where you can take a look at what I do;

    Also, on Etsy I belong to a collaborative promotional team called Women in Business. We all have shops on Etsy and create these online galleries (called treasuries) and then promote them on various social media sites. I don't know whether or not you also have a web presence on Etsy but I thought you might be interested in alot of the features offered artists over there. I used to have my own free standing website and found it not very efficient for driving traffic to it. Etsy has a pretty large and ready customer base, although there are alot of jewelry artists there and therefore lots of competition. Even so it is a thriving artist community.

    It was nice meeting you today at the show. I hope you made many sales. You do incredible beadweaving!



    1. Thanks. I'm technically a member of Etsy, but I sort of closed my store down. I keep thinking I'll put something back on it, but never get around to it. I think I'd like to try to put together some tutorials.

  2. I like the blue one and the top center ones most.