Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Offset Icosahedron

I figured out a way to firm up my new sphere, and while I was at it, took a better picture. I've added a #6 bead between each face of each pentagon (i.e. 5 beads in each pentagon). They're a bit hard to see because they're matte black, but with those there I can run a thread around each pentagon and pull it tight, firming things up alot.
I tried to reply to some of your comments on the piece, but once again my computer won't let me post a comment, even on my own blog. I'm pretty sure it's linked to changes in settings that my husband made in an attempt to avoid the new paywall at the New York Times, so we probably deserve what we get, but If I can remember how I fixed the problem before, I'll take care of it. Meanwhile, someone asked about what beads and thread I use. I use almost exclusively #8 beads, and that is what this piece is made of. I think it was Gwen who suggested adding some #15 beads, but I confess I don't own any, and I suspect I never will. I don't even use #11s. Life's too short. For thread I mostly use monofilament nylon fishing line for the extra body it gives a piece.I sometimes use Fireline, though, mostly with stone beads because the holes are smaller on them. This piece uses the monofilament.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I like using monofilament line for some projects for the body it gives, but working without a needle drives me batty. :)

  2. I didn't realize these are size 8/0. Wow, it's HUGE, but still very pretty. I guess I assume that everybody else is equally obsessed with using 15/0s and 11/0s beads in their work.